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Speaking Minecraft

Once again, I feel the need to explain myself pre-post. I had no clue what I was getting into. Most of the terms I heard in my MCE course today were slightly foreign. Servers, LAN hosts, Plug-Ins, Mods and more-OH MY! This truly is one of those posts written simply for my own clarification, and if it helps someone else, I am glad!

SERVERS: A computer that hosts Minecraft worlds for Multiplayer games. Defined by instructor as “software living on a computer”. It can be any computer, anywhere in the real world, not the Minecraft world.

There are 4 different ways to host a game for Minecraft:

LAN A single player game person can go to the menu and open their game to a Local Area Network. The computer (and the MC world on it) is now open to people who are on the same Wi-Fi. If you have 18 kids on iPads in the classroom, one of them can host the game so all the kids in that room play together. Lag time in the game becomes an issue if you do it this way.
Localhost The server software is on a computer, and the game players connect to that server on that computer. If it was on my laptop, I can still play the game on that computer while allowing others access to the world.  If I host a server, it allows me greater access to mods, plug-ins and more. Others connect to this game through an IP address. If you do not have a static IP address, people have to enter it every time they play.
LAN Host This is how Minecraft EDU is set up. There is a computer, somewhere in the building (perhaps in the server room) which is dedicated to running MC. This reduces load on the PC, as you are not playing and hosting, and it reduces lag time in the game. Students probably couldn’t do MC assignments at home as they wouldn’t have access to the server. However, it does protect the world and players from “outside world” players.
Cloud This is one of the more “powerful” ways to host a MC server as you pay for someone to host. They put aside space in their server for your game. You still have control of the world and can change it up, but a company has invested in the right type of server which tends to make it “robust”. This method is safe and durable, but it might not work in school settings with FOIPPA.

Server Types


  • Straightforward
  • Downloaded from
  • Basic gameplay server


  • Customizable gameplay
  • Can add in plug-ins, mods, protections
  • No longer in service due to US copyright laws.
  • has replaced it by stripping the illegal code and reconfiguring it
  • Not official Minecraft


  • Functionality of Bukkit
  • Minecraft EDU uses Forge
  • On the website, use 1.7.10 as recommended version


Server Side Plug-Ins

-give the server host control of areas, actions and objects

-affect everyone in the game on that server

Client Side Plug-Ins

-mods (modifications)

-each player can make a mod to his/her MC version on their computer

-does not affect game play of all

Interestingly, a host can use a Server Side Plug In to block a cheat mod such as X-Ray for all players by putting a “BLOCK X-RAY” plug in. As host you can put in protected areas in the world, and as a player, you can add a mod that others may not have.


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Figuring It Out

My great intention of being on track this semester has been seriously derailed with the my current status of “the walking germ”. However, I seem to be on the road to recovery and can once again look at a computer screen without pain. So here I go, my first blog post for the new semester.

I had a very difficult time looking through the course syllabus for EDCI 569 because it offered so many choices that were appealing and challenging. I will admit, the amount of blogging had me extremely concerned for my already lacking FItBit numbers, but thankfully our illustrious professor alleviated my concerns. The idea of a “Personal Learning Inquiry” as a final project had me incredibley intrigued, confused and frustrated. There are so many things I want to learn and try, but I know how limited my time is as I am already starting down the path to better physical and emotional health (see my other blog) and am in year 2 of rethinking my teaching styles to a more open, facilitation role based on the ideas of Reggio Emilia, Hawkins and Dewey. Trying to fit in another learning path seemed time consuming and, yes, a lot stressful. I toyed with using one of those aforementioned learning journeys, trying to teach myself Klingon or Elvish (Yes, I really do want to learn those one day) and even thought I might try to conquer my piano nemesis: the Mozart Piano Sonatas.

A wonderful friend and classmate mentioned, in a chat, that she was enrolling in a MOOC. MOOCs scare me. The idea of online open learning with people I have never met worried me. I know, I’m in an online course with people I have never met (Except of course the Three Amigos), but to me tiegrad is different. It’s a safe enclosed group of people. I “knew” some of them from their online interactions. A MOOC just seems so…unknown and scary. Well, the Doctor says, “Fear is a superpower. Fear can make you faster and cleverer and stronger” (Doctor Who, Series 8, Listen), so I decided to look for a MOOC to join.

Minecraft for Educators is the MOOC through Canvas Network that I decided to join. I admit, I feel a little lost already as this is my first MOOC and my Minecraft experience is limited. I thought of a way I can incorporate the game into my “Nature Integration” project and I need to learn the ins and outs. I am really hoping this will address my learning needs. I will keep you posted and will most likely be looking to the Minecraft experts in this course for some help.

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