Bibliography on Technology in Early Childhood Education

I chose to do my bibliography for EDCI 591 on Technology and Early Childhood.  My focus right now has been a little scattered on this topic, so instead of focussing on just one area of technology with young children, I tried to find articles on the “big” picture. I hope to read many of these as I  discover exactly what direction I want to take and what my big question will be on this MEd journey. (It is not in the formal APA format at this time, as I could not figure out how to format WordPress for it. Apologies.)


Alper, M. (2013). Developmentally appropriate new media literacies: Supporting cultural competencies and social skills in early childhood education. Journal of Early Childhood Literacy, 13(2), 175-196.                             doi:10.1177/1468798411430101

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Zaranis, N., Kalogiannakis, M., & Papadakis, S. (2013). Using mobile devices for teaching realistic mathematics in kindergarten e

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