Well, I’m Not Ironman….

Let me explain: as I write this, I am listening to The Avengers Soundtrack. All I can think of, with the music blaring, is Tony Stark at the end of the first Ironman movie admitting that he WAS, in fact, Ironman.

Well, I’m not Ironman, but I am supposed to give a brief introduction about me. Everything I have written in my head and in draft form, sounds like I am doing a write up for a dating site, so here goes. I am known by many names: Miss Loeppky, Liane, @namesescapeme, teacher, Auntie and even, “hey you, you with the glasses”. I am turning 40 in a couple of months and that terrifies me. In my younger days, I was convinced I wouldn’t live to see 30, so everyday is a little miracle. I’ve survived type 1 diabetes for 34 years, and everyday I hope for a cure. I have been teaching for 17 years and I have spent the majority of it in one school. I’ve taught K-3, and was a teacher librarian for 3 years. I loved spending other people’s money on books.  I trained to be a professional opera singer and I play piano to express my emotion. I have all 3 video game systems and am determined to finish Legend of Zelda FINALLY. I am a passionate Trekkie, Whovian, Browncoat, Middle Earthian, and Lego fan. I wear my NERD shirt with pride and dream of attending ComicCon after I get my Masters.

The questions, “What do I want teach the world? Why? How are you going to do it?” flamed my procrastination for this assignment. I have NO clue what I want to teach the world. I honestly don’t feel qualified to teach the world anything. There are lots of things I want to teach pockets of people in the world, but as a whole, I just don’t know. The “pocket” things I want to teach? Well, they are:

  • Play is not a dirty word. It can be a dirty practice and it will get messy. It may even involve dirt at times.  It is applicable to all ages and I believe we need to involve our students in purposeful play. I learned from teachers who let me be creative and think outside of the box. They let me play with the blocks to understand multiplication and let us set up our school into the Jets and the Sharks for a musical theater experience. I am still working out how to be the facilitator of playful learning in my class.
  • Self Regulation should be a focus for Kindergarten, not reading, writing or math. I believe that the young people I work with are not coming into school with the skills to regulate themselves in order to learn. They may know their alphabets, but can’t try when something is hard and have no idea how to calm themselves when their emotions run high.
  • We need to bring nature back into our schools. It needs to be in our classrooms, and our playgrounds need to stop being sterilized of weeds and sticks. We need places for students to grow food and to investigate the world. Feeling the wind on your face and the grass under your feet is the most natural thing in the world and how many of us have the time or places to do that. Nature connects us to this planet. We need to encourage that.

As I stated above, I have no idea how to teach these things to people, much less to the whole world. I try to give presentations and involve myself in twitter chats focussing on Early Years, Environmental Education and I even tried to start a chat to gain more understanding about the Reggio Emilia approach. I don’t tend to blog about these topics, because I feel I am still a novice at them. There are people out there I read and listen to who are so much more knowledgeable than I. I try to share their wisdom while searching for my own. 

There you go. Not Ironman. Just Liane.




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6 thoughts on “Well, I’m Not Ironman….

  1. Tracey says:

    LOVE IT Liane.. and I completely agree!!! We need to teach our kids how to breathe, relax and enjoy learning. We have a major influx of anxious kids at our school, and I believe that not teaching these kids how relax and cope is a major downfall of education.
    I am also surprised with the disconnect between us and what we eat. I grew up on a farm, and we have a small garden in our yard, where my own kids plant and grow their own vegetables… at least they know where they come from! I totally agree that we need to have a better connection to nature, to the food we eat and to how to best utilize our surroundings. We need to learn to take a breath and learn by experiencing everything around us!

  2. You are not JUST Liane, you ARE Liane, who is a fabulous, amazing, wonderful person! You’re the best study partner anyone could ever have and I am honoured to have worked with you to publish our books last term.

    You can teach the world anything you want to. I can’t wait to witness it! 🙂

  3. jakemain says:

    First thing I learned in Journalism class was, to write an catchy headline…you had me at “Ironman.” Nicely done Liane! While you may not be Ironman, Tony Stark certainly doesn’t have your humility, empathy or patience. (Even if you both share a wicked sense of humour!) I’ll keep my eyes peeled for his retort…”What Liane Loeppky taught me and how I used it to defeat the Crimson Dynamo and get in touch with my Inner kindergarten teacher.”

  4. Nick Zap says:

    Hello Liane. First, Legend of Zelda is one of the top games of all time – so relish your time with it! (many hours of my life in that game) Sounds like you have a lot to teach the world and I’m glad to see that you think play and getting messy is an integral part of learning…in fact it’s the dirty mess in trying to figure it out that’s half the fun. I look forward to your insight in the course. Welcome to EDCI 335.

  5. I cant get over the similarities of so many of our posts and each of them touch on the fact that teaching (if done properly) is so much more than curriculum and assessment. I am just glad I am not the only one voicing this sentiment.

  6. Monster DITTO on the last point. In a world of ever encroaching tech and devices, we so desperately need to marry that with a connection to nature, which connects us as humans.
    Lovely sentiments.
    But, I do have an affinity for Super Mario Bros over Zelda…

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